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Trekking in Manali

Many Trekking Routes are available in Manali. Major treks in manali are Beas Kund Trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Chandrakhani Trek, Chandra Taal Trek and many more. The check list of the equipments required for trekking in manali includes of Comfortable walking shoes with a good grip on the ankles. Water proof warm jacket.Woolen / tennis scocks and stockings. Sunglasses, headgear, rucksack and other bags too if you plan to hire porters and ponies. Water- Bottle, Swiss army Knife, Sleeping Bag and foam ground sheet, Gloves, umbrella, rope, Medical and first aid equipment. Photographic Equipment, Torch and batteries, tent, Compass, Binoculars, cooking Equipments, food and rations.Fresh Fruits, vegetables, meat and milk are rarely in short supply along the trails apart from higher reaches and parts of the trans Himalayas.

Malana trek:

is a small tribal community of tribal people, who has a unique culture and their own democratic government. Malana village government is considered the oldest democracy in the world. It is believed that the Greeks under the leadership of Alexendera the great came all the way to Malana village, where few soldiers who were left behind from his army, intermarried here and develoved a society that came to be known as Manala village Society , which is known to be the oldest democracy of the world. The village has its own law. In recent times no police ever entered the village and they do not have any respect for the outside authority. Most of the villagers want to stay detached from rest of the world but slowly it is changing and people have started getting mixed up with the outside world. To reach Manali village we have to cross over Chanderkhani Pass. The trek passes through beautiful alpine pasture and we have beautiful view of some of the high mountain peaks.

Kheerganga trek:

Kheerganga in Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh offers a mystical journey into the woods and is one of the gifted abode for natural sulfur hot water springs. – From the valley, you can behold the incomparable beauty of Parvati River and the glacier of Lahaul Spiti. – The trek unveils some favorite tourist destinations en route to a Shiv Temple, Rudra Naag Waterfall and a lot of interesting rock formations.

Bhrigu lake trek

A lot of trekkers do the Bhrigu Lake trek to get to the famous lake. While the Bhrigu lake is definitely worth getting to, this is only one of the reasons for you to do this trek. On most high altitude treks in India you’ll stumble upon meadows from a thick forest, usually of oak. The sudden change in views are startling and beautiful. While most of these meadows are a delight to behold, some are more special than others. The ones on the Bhrigu lake trek are among these.

Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass is an unusual, special pass. It climbs out of lush green valleys of Kullu to a perpendicular overhang, high in the mountains. The overhang you stand on is almost like a balcony view to a different world below​: the deserts of Lahaul. From the pass, you see the Lahaul valley in one wide panoramic sweep. It is one the most dramatic twists in landscape you’ll see!

Added to this, each of the campsites on this trek are very pretty – Jobra which lies at the edge of the forest , the wildflower meadows of Jwara campsite, the river ​delta camp​ of Balu Ka Ghera, the desert oasis that is Shea Goru and picturesque Chhatru, besides Chandrabhaga​ river. Every day of this trek brings forth a different terrain to experience. Do the trek for its rapid, dramatic scenery changes and, of course, the novel pass-crossing.

Bijli Mahadev trek :

The real charm of the Bijli Mahadev to Naggar trek trail lies in the interiors of Kais Wildlife Sanctuary. A 15 km approach by foot from Kullu town to the top of this hill is an experience in itself. In addition, there is a 12 km long motorable road that trekkers can take. The sylvan surroundings of the quiet valley are mesmerizing, with a wide array of deodar and pine forests. This is complimented by the beautiful apple, pomegranate and pear orchards of Jana Village. The trek becomes more interesting with overnight camping inside a forested ridge at Matikochar. As you exit the valley and reach Naggar, you’ll learn that it’s a wonderfully satisfying weekend trek.